DEFINE: Austin 35th

is moving to DEFINE: SOLA


We moved to a new space to serve you better; DEFINE: SOLA

Just a few minutes away, enjoy a combination of barre, cycling, yoga, trampoline, hammock, and so much more…
All under one roof in our DEFINE: Austin SoLa studio!


What to Expect

DEFINE classes are designed to get your whole body moving. To get the most out of the movement, wear athletic clothing that will move with you. And, movement equals sweat: be sure to hydrate before you arrive, and bring a water bottle to have with you in class. Arrive 15 minutes before your first class to register, bring your open mind and best effort; our expert instructors and well-stocked studios will take care of the rest.


DEFINE offers an innovative approach to traditional group fitness classes and wellness, integrating mind and body classes rich with education on how you can define your body and be your absolute best. With classes focused on strength, length and balance, instructors with high level athletic backgrounds and zen-like studios, the DEFINE experience strengthens, tones and transforms, both body and mind. Complete whole body health and wellness.


get your sweat on & reach your goals

A class for every body and everybody.

Burn fat and lose inches with all the moves to target major muscle groups in the body… And remind you of muscles you forgot you had.

The ultimate high-intensity, low-impact class whose results will make you jump for joy… Literally.

The power of body classes, the cardio of indoor cycling. A whole-body workout from your quads to your lungs…and everything in between.

Supple body, supple mind. Access physical and mental clarity and ease through deep breath and bending.

Change is 99% mental. Establish true mind, body and soul alignment through meditation and breathing practices to calm and connect.

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